Joint Parking and Power Management for Electric Vehicle Edge Computing: A Bilevel Optimization Approach

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2022 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing


With the vehicle-to-grid and computing capabilities, a parked electric vehicle (EV) has a dual role, namely being an energy prosumer as well as a computing node for accommodating computation-offloading services. This dual-role feature of EVs yields a new computing paradigm named Electric Vehicle Edge Computing (EVEC). To ease the implementation of EVEC, we propose a fine-grained EV management approach to jointly provide parking guidance for EVs and control their charging/discharging power in parking lots. We formulate a bilevel optimization problem where the top-level problem optimizes the matching between EVs and parking lots from the perspective of computation offloading, and the bottom-level problem optimizes the control of EV charging/discharging power from the view of power networks. We transform the bilevel optimization problem into a single-level form, which is a nonconvex mixed-integer nonlinear programming problem, and we further tackle it by linearization techniques. Finally, we provide numerical results to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of our approach. © 2022 IEEE.

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Bilevel optimization, edge computing, electric vehicle, parking and power management, Air navigation, computation offloading, Electric vehicles, Integer programming, Nonlinear programming


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