SipMaskv2: Enhanced Fast Image and Video Instance Segmentation

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IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence


We propose a fast single-stage method for both image and video instance segmentation, called SipMask, that preserves the instance spatial information by performing multiple sub-region mask predictions. The main module in our method is a light-weight spatial preservation (SP) module that generates a separate set of spatial coefficients for the sub-regions within a bounding-box, enabling a better delineation of spatially adjacent instances. To better correlate mask prediction with object detection, we further propose a mask alignment weighting loss and a feature alignment scheme. In addition, we identify two issues that impede the performance of single-stage instance segmentation and introduce two modules, including a sample selection scheme and an instance refinement module, to address these two issues. Experiments are performed on both image instance segmentation dataset MS COCO and video instance segmentation dataset YouTube-VIS. On MS COCO set, our method achieves a state-of-the-art performance. In terms of real-time capabilities, it outperforms YOLACT by a gain of 3.0% (mask AP) under the similar settings, while operating at a comparable speed. On YouTube-VIS validation set, our method also achieves promising results. The source code is available at . IEEE

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