A Detailed Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Factors in Realization of 6G Communication

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2022 9th International Conference on Internet of Things, Systems, Management and Security, IOTSMS 2022


Undoubtedly, the world has so far faced a pandemic which is reshaping daily lives and business activities. Even at current endemic stages, special focus on maintaining physical distancing norms for curbing the expeditious spread of the disease, many institutions, individuals and industries rely on communications networks or telecoms for ensuring service consistency to avoid complete termination of their business operations and other activities. This has put enormous pressure on mobile networks and communication systems thereby making the technology experts to think more about introducing rapid speed, vast coverage and high connectivity networks. The extensive application of fresh communication networks and enabling technologies have impelled the advent of 6G communication networks. As 6G is still in its inception phase, its complete realization requires a proper and high understanding of diverse quantitative and qualitative factors supporting its deployment. From this standpoint, this survey article intends to deeply explore 6G networks, their significance and prerequisites. This paper provides a succinct theoretical background of 6G technology, and reviews the diverse enabling technologies and existing works undertaken on core technologies. It explores the prevailing gaps in research for providing readers to gain information regarding challenges in perfect 6G network realization and implementation thus paving the road for a successful 6G vision.



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6G Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of things, Metaverse


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