Optimizing System-on-Chip Performance Using AI and SDN: Approaches and Challenges

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2022 9th International Conference on Software Defined Systems, SDS 2022


The advancement of modern multimedia and data-intensive classes of applications demands the development of hardware that delivers better performance. Due to the evolution of 5G, Edge-Computing, the Internet of Things, Software-Defined networks, etc., the data produced by the devices such as sensors are increasing. A software-Defined network is a powerful paradigm that is capable of automating networking and cloud computing. Software-Defined Network has controllers, devices, and applications which produce a huge amount of data. The processing of data inside the device as well as between the devices needs a better hardware architecture with more cores to ensure speedy performance. The System-on-Chip approach alone will not be capable to handle this dense core comprised of hardware. We have to blend Network-on-Chip along with System-on-Chip to increase the potential to include more cores capable to handle more threads. Artificial Intelligence, a key enabler in next-generation devices is capable of producing a better architecture design with optimized performance. In this paper, we are discussing and endeavouring how System-on-Chip, Network-on-Chip, Software-Defined Networks, and Artificial Intelligence can be physically, logically, and contextually incorporated to deliver improved computation and networking outcomes.



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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), Design Space Optimization (DSO), I/O (Input/Output), Integrated Circuits (IC), Intellectual Property (IP) blocks, Machine Learning (ML), Network-on-Chip (NoC) Software Defined Networks (SDN), System-on-Chip (SoC)


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