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Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Software Technologies, ICSOFT 2021


Tribology is the study of wear particles that are generated in all machines with interacting mechanical parts. Particles are separated from the surfaces due to friction and relative motion. These microscopic particles vary in certain characteristics of size, quantity, composition, and morphology. Wear particles or wear debris are categorized by six morphological attributes of shape, edge details, texture, color, size, and thickness ratio. Particles can be identified with the help of some or all of these attributes however, only edge details analysis is considered in this paper. The objective is to classify these particles in a coherent way based on these attributes and by using the acquired knowledge to predict wear failure modes in machinery. There are two procedures described in this work; one is the angle calculation between equidistance points on the particle boundary and the other the computation of centroids’ distance from the boundary points. These procedures will classify particle edges as smooth, rough, straight, or spherical (curved).

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Contour Points Angle, Edge Details Analysis, Tribology, Wear Debris Classification


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