3D-Aware Multi-Class Image-to-Image Translation with NeRFs

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Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition


Recent advances in 3D-aware generative models (3D-aware GANs) combined with Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) have achieved impressive results. However no prior works investigate 3D-aware GANs for 3D consistent multiclass image-to-image (3D-aware 121) translation. Naively using 2D-121 translation methods suffers from unrealistic shape/identity change. To perform 3D-aware multiclass 121 translation, we decouple this learning process into a multiclass 3D-aware GAN step and a 3D-aware 121 translation step. In the first step, we propose two novel techniques: a new conditional architecture and an effective training strategy. In the second step, based on the well-trained multiclass 3D-aware GAN architecture, that preserves view-consistency, we construct a 3D-aware 121 translation system. To further reduce the view-consistency problems, we propose several new techniques, including a U-net-like adaptor network design, a hierarchical representation constrain and a relative regularization loss. In exten-sive experiments on two datasets, quantitative and qualitative results demonstrate that we successfully perform 3D-aware 121 translation with multi-view consistency. Code is available in 3DI2I.

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3D from single images

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