Underactuated digital twin's robotic hands with tactile sensing capabilities for well-being

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Digital Twin for Healthcare: Design, Challenges, and Solutions


Humans are social by nature, and the current physical distancing due to COVID has converted many of our daily interactions into virtual ones. Among the negative consequences of this, we find the lack of an element that is essential to humans' well-being, which is the physical touch. We explore the Digital Twin technology's prospect to support in reducing the impact of this on humans. We provide a definition of the concept of Robo Twin and explain its role in mediating the human interactions. Besides, we survey research works related Digital Twin's physical representation with a focus on underactuated Digital Twin's robotic hands. In this survey, we aim at providing findings from literature, to support researchers' decisions in the adoption and use of existing designs and implementations of Digital Twin's robotic hands, and to inform future research on current challenges and gaps in existing research works.

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3D printing, digital twin, humanoid robot, robo twin, sensor technology, underactuated design

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