Metaverse through Blockchain and Intelligent Networking: A Comprehensive Survey

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2023 5th International Conference on Blockchain Computing and Applications, BCCA 2023


As technology has advanced, people's lives have been transformed by the virtual world, which has been created by technologies such as the Internet, computers, artificial intelligence, and hardware. The metaverse, a new social ecology connecting the physical and virtual worlds, is rapidly expanding as the demand for virtual reality grows. Privacy, security, high synchronization, and low latency have all been challenged as data volumes and value have grown and the metaverse continues to evolve. As blockchain and intelligent networking technologies continue to evolve, these challenges can be addressed and the metaverse's needs for trusted construction, continuous data interaction, and computing can be satisfied. In order to provide immersive experiences in the metaverse, a comprehensive review of blockchain's role and benefits is essential. The purpose of this survey is to discuss the metaverse's development trend, architecture, and characteristics. This review paper is novel in providing an overview of existing blockchain research, including overviews, applications, and challenges. Furthermore, we summarized the metaverse's applications, emphasizing their significance and areas of development. Using the survey, we are able to discuss open issues, challenges, and future research directions.

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Blockchain, CFN, Cloud Computing, Intelligent networking, Metaverse

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