Combating Counterfeit Products in Smart Cities with Digital Twin Technology

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Proceedings of 2023 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, ISC2 2023


Digital twins are rapidly emerging as a new foundation for building smarter cities. This technology allows for the creation of virtual replicas of physical objects and systems, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis. Counterfeit products have become a major concern in the global market, especially in smart cities. This paper takes a 5-dimensional digital twin model approach to examine and summarize commonly used enabling technologies and tools for digital twin applications to address this issue. A 5-dimensional digital twin model is an advanced representation of a physical object or system encompassing different dimensions. In the context of digital twin technology, dimensions refer to different aspects or attributes that can be captured and simulated for a more comprehensive understanding of the object or system. By doing so, it aims to provide a comprehensive reference for implementing digital twins in the future.



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3D models, Artificial intelligence, Cloud, Digital twin, Smart cities, Buildings, Globalization, Focusing, Real-time systems, Digital twins, Context modeling


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