Artificial Intelligence f or Cybersecurity in IoT-enabled Avionics: Challenges and Solutions

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2022 IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things, WF-IoT 2022


Implementing Internet of Things (IoT)-based services in commercial aviation gives a painless and effortless experience to passengers and crew members, but the mitigation of cyber-attacks is challenging. Available solutions are not enough to overcome various cyber security attacks. Hence, we need more attention to overcome the challenges and cyber risks in commercial aviation. The aim of this paper is to highlight the various factors of cyber threat in avionics and discuss the major security studies conducted to date. The goal is to layout the ground for an insightful discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI) potential, challenges, and solutions for cybersecurity in avionics. We will focus on how AI and IoT can be used to identify cyber security threats, type of attacks, and infrastructure vulnerabilities. This information will help us in developing effective preventive measures in the future.



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Artificial Intelligence, Aviation industry, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, machine learning


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