Reciprocal attention fusion for visual question answering

Moshiur R. Farazi, The Australian National University
Salman H. Khan, The Australian National University


Existing attention mechanisms either attend to local image-grid or object level features for Visual Question Answering (VQA). Motivated by the observation that questions can relate to both object instances and their parts, we propose a novel attention mechanism that jointly considers reciprocal relationships between the two levels of visual details. The bottom-up attention thus generated is further coalesced with the top-down information to only focus on the scene elements that are most relevant to a given question. Our design hierarchically fuses multi-modal information i.e., language, object- and grid-level features, through an efficient tensor decomposition scheme. The proposed model improves the state-of-the-art single model performances from 67.9% to 68.2% on VQAv1 and from 65.7% to 67.4% on VQAv2, demonstrating a significant boost.