What Does it Take to Generalize SER Model Across Datasets? A Comprehensive Benchmark

Date of Award


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Master of Science in Machine Learning


Machine Learning

First Advisor

Dr. Shady Shehata

Second Advisor

Dr. Martin Takac


"Speech emotion recognition (SER) is essential for enhancing human-computer interaction in speech-based applications. Despite improvements in specific emotional datasets, there is still a research gap in SER’s capability to generalize across real-world situations. In this paper, we investigate approaches to generalize the SER system across different emotion datasets. In particular, incorporate 11 emotional speech datasets and illustrate a comprehensive benchmark on the SER task. We also address the challenge of imbalanced data distribution using oversampling methods when combining SER datasets for training. Furthermore, we explore various evaluation protocols for adeptness in the generalization of SER. Building on this, we explore the potential of Whisper for SER, emphasizing the importance of thorough evaluation. Our approach is designed to advance SER technology by integrating speaker-independent methods."


Thesis submitted to the Deanship of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the M.Sc degree in Machine Learning

Advisors: Dr. Shady Shehata, Dr. Martin Takac

with 5 years embargo period

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