QoS Aware Uplink Scheduling for M2M Communication in LTE/LTE-A Network: A Game Theoretic Approach

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IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology


M2M communication in the LTE network is gaining attention with a growing number of connected devices and adaptation of new emerging technologies. Usually, the traffic generated by M2M devices is heterogeneous in terms of packet size, intensity, strict delay, and throughput requirements. The M2M traffic generally flows in the uplink direction. It imposes several challenges in designing scheduling for uplink in the LTE network. The research community proposed various solutions regarding the QoS handling in M2M communications. Allocating the resources based on the QoS of machine type communications (MTCs) has a challenge in deciding on devices' priority. This work applies game theory to control devices' strategic behavior claiming a false priority. In this paper, a Quality-of-Service aware uplink packet scheduling scheme is proposed using a combinatorial game. The packet scheduling problem is modeled as an Auction game that handles the scheduling in both Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain. The packet scheduler uses the QoS requirement as an allocation metric, and a power control mechanism is applied to control the devices' strategic behavior. Simulation is performed in MATLAB R2019b. The performance of the proposed schemes is evaluated in terms of the total system utility in QoS satisfaction against standard schedulers like Round Robin and Proportional Fair schedulers and some other schedulers proposed in the literature. © 1967-2012 IEEE.

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Automation, Frequency domain analysis, Long Term Evolution (LTE), Machine-to-machine communication, Power control, Quality of service, Routers, Scheduling, Delay, Long-term evolution, LTE Networks, Machine communications, Machine to machines, Machine-to-machine communication, Quality-of-service, Resource management, Uplink, Game theory


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