Accurate and Efficient Performance Prediction for Mobile IoV Networks Using GWO-GR Neural Network

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IEEE Internet of Things Journal


The explosive growth of Internet of Vehicle (IoV) applications has made information security a significant issue. Mobile IoV users are dynamic and the communication environment is very complex, which makes it very difficult to guarantee real-time secrecy communication performance. Thus, a reliable and effective evaluation and prediction of secrecy performance is critical. In this article, we have derived novel expressions for secrecy performance. A grey wolf optimization generalized regression (GWO-GR) algorithm is proposed to predict the secrecy performance and carry out the secrecy performance assessment. A generalized regression (GR) neural network is designed. Out of the input and output layers, the proposed GR network has a pattern layer and a summation layer, which can obtain a global convergence of network results. To further optimize the GR network, the grey wolf optimization algorithm is used to obtain the best spread factor for it, which can accelerate its rapid convergence. Through the simulated numerical results, we can obtain: 1) the proposed GWO-GR prediction algorithm is shown to provide better performance prediction results than other machine-learning-based methods; 2) in particular, the prediction accuracy is improved by 17.7%; and 3) the execution time has an 88.9% reduction.

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Grey wolf optimization (GWO), Internet of Vehicle (IoV) communication networks, Performance prediction, Secrecy performance


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