AI-based Blockchain for the Metaverse: Approaches and Challenges

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2022 4th International Conference on Blockchain Computing and Applications, BCCA 2022


The recent advances in AI have enabled novel approaches and remarkable enhancements in the provision of existing services and applications. The metaverse is one of the emerging applications that got the advantages of this technological progression. Due to the cooperation between several cutting-edge technologies including IoT, digital twin (DT), and big data, the metaverse highly relies on the manipulation of an immense amount of gathered data. In this context, security is a major challenge, and as such, blockchain brings several advantages to the metaverse ecosystem as it allows secure and transparent data storage. However, with the dynamic nature of such an ecosystem and the fast variation in its AI-based services, the traditional blockchain features (e.g. smart contracts and consensus protocols) will face big challenges to meet the needed dynamic service requirements and scalability. This positioning paper proposes the concept of using a blockchain governed by AI to leverage the various features and advantages of blockchain services. The paper provides a review of the role of blockchain in the metaverse, challenges that arise, and then the role of AI in building intelligent blockchain features and their impact on the metaverse ecosystem.

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AI, Autonomous Resource Management, blockchain, Immersive Services, Metaverse, XR


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