Dispatching and Control Information Freshness-Aware Federated Learning for Simplified Power IoT

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2022 IEEE Global Communications Conference, GLOBECOM 2022 - Proceedings


Dispatching and control information freshness conducts an important impact on the training accuracy of distributed energy dispatching and control model. Poor information freshness will increase the loss function of the training model, and reduce the reliability and economy of dispatching and control. Simplified power internet of things can provide plug-and-play and multi- mode fusion communication support, but it still faces challenges of the coupling of model training and data transmission as well as the difficulty in guaranteeing dispatching and control information freshness. In this paper, a semi-distributed federated learning- based framework for dispatching and control model training decision-making is proposed, and a dispatching and control information freshness-aware batch size Optimization algorithm (CAROL) is presented. CAROL leverages deep Q network and dispatching and control information freshness awareness to learn the batch size optimization strategy. CAROL can minimize model loss function while guaranteeing long-term dispatching and control information freshness constraints. Compared with existing federated learning algorithms, CAROL achieves superior performance in global loss function and information freshness.© 2022 IEEE.

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Decision making, Electric load dispatching, Electric power transmission, Internet of things, Learning systems


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