Fully Autonomous Trustworthy Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Teamwork: A Research Guideline Using Level 2 Blockchain

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IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine


The vast range of possible fully autonomous multiunmanned aerial vehicle (multi-UAV) operations is creating a new and expanding market where technological advances are happening at a breakneck pace. The integration of UAVs in airspaces (not just for military purposes but also for civil, commercial, and leisure use) is essential in realizing the potential of this growing industry. Furthermore, with the advent of 6G, such integration will be cost-effective and more flexible. However, to reach widespread adoption, new models focusing on the safety, efficiency, reliability, and privacy of fully autonomous multi-UAV operations, ensuring that the operation history is trustworthy and can be audited by the relevant stakeholders, need to be developed. Accordingly, this work presents a research guideline for fully autonomous trustworthy UAV teamwork through layer 2 blockchains that provide efficient, privacy-preserving, reliable, and secure multi-UAV service delivery. We show the implications of this approach for an aerial surveillance use case.

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Automation, Blockchains, Privacy, Reliability, Safety, Security, Teamwork


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