Analyzing the Impact of Machine Learning on Cancer Treatments

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International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies


The survival rate of breast cancer prediction has been a significant issue for researchers. Nowadays, the healthcare industry has completely transformed by using modern technologies and their applications for medical services. Among those technologies, machine learning is one of them, which has gained attention by people that its new advanced technology would give accurate results by using modeling methods for prediction. As this is a branch of artificial intelligence, it employs various statics, probabilistic, and optimistic tools. This is applied to medical services, which are based on proteomic and genomic measurements. The aim is to use the dataset of cancer treatment and predict the results of patients by using machine learning with its modeling methods for accurate results. Recently experts have even used this machine learning in cancer for prognosis and forecasting.



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Breast Cancer Analysis Using R, Cancer Analysis, Machine Learning, Methods for Breast Cancer Analysis


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