Blockchain-Based Secure and Efficient Secret Image Sharing with Outsourcing Computation in Wireless Networks

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IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications


Secret Image Sharing (SIS) is the technology that shares any given secret image by generating and distributing n shadow images in the way that any subset of k shadow images can restore the secret image. However, in the existing SIS schemes, the shadow images will be easily tampered and corrupted during the communication, which will pose serious security issues. Recently, blockchain has emerged as a promising paradigm in the field of data communication and information security. To securely communicate and effectively protect the secret image data in wireless networks, we propose a Blockchain-based Secure and Efficient Secret Image Sharing (BC-SESIS) scheme with outsourcing computation in wireless networks. In the proposed BC-SESIS scheme, the shadow images are encrypted and stored in the blockchain to prevent them from being tampered and corrupted. The identity authentication-enabled smart contract is deployed to achieve the (k, n) threshold for secret image restoring. Furthermore, to reduce the computational burden of smart contract and users, an efficient outsourcing computation method is designed to outsource the restoring task, which is securely implemented by agent miners in the encryption domain. Theoretical analysis and extensive experiments demonstrate that the BC-SESIS scheme can achieve desirable communication security and high computational efficiency in the wireless networks.

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Blockchain, Blockchains, Image restoration, InterPlanetary File System, Outsourcing, Outsourcing computation, Secret image sharing, Security, Smart contracts, Wireless networks, Wireless networks


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