Blockchain-Enabled Intelligent IoT

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Wireless Networks (United Kingdom)


The past few years have witnessed an exponential growth of diverse Internet of Things (IoT) devices as well as compelling applications ranging from industrial production, intelligent transport, and warehouse logistics to medical care. Dramatic advances in IoT technology not only bring enormous economic opportunities but also challenges. Recently, with the appearance of blockchain technology, the integration of IoT and blockchain (BCoT) is considered a promising solution to address these issues. Blockchain provides a secure and scalable data management framework for IoT devices. However, the huge computation and energy cost of the consensus process in blockchain prevents it from being directly applied as a generic platform. To overcome this challenge, we first propose a cloud mining pool-aided BCoT architecture. Based on this architecture, we study the mining pool selection problem and analyze the colony behaviors of IoT devices with different pooling strategies. We propose a centralized evolutionary game-based pool selection algorithm for the sake of maximizing the system utility. Secondly, to overcome the power and computation constraints of the IoT devices in the blockchain platform, we introduce the cloud computing service to the blockchain platform for the sake of assisting to offload computational task from the IIoT network itself. Also, we study the resource management and pricing problem between the cloud provider and miners. And a multi-agent reinforcement learning algorithm is conceived for searching the near-optimal policy.

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Blockchain, Cloud mining pool, Evolutionary game, Stackelberg game


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