Matrix Reconstruction Algorithm-Assisted Multi-Carrier DCSK Scheme: An Effective Solution for Frequency-Selective Fading Channel

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IEEE Wireless Communications Letters


In this paper, we develop a matrix reconstruction algorithm-assisted multi-carrier differential chaos shift keying (DCSK) scheme, named MRA-MC-DCSK scheme. Especially, the frequency-selective fading channel is considered in the proposed scheme. We establish a matrix reconstruction algorithm (MRA) to reconstruct the information-bearing signal, which can solve the performance deterioration of the conventional MC-DCSK system over the frequency selective fading channels. Moreover, the designed MRA-MC-DCSK system can achieve the frequency diversity by the reconstructed transmitted symbol. We further analyze the theoretical bit error rate (BER) expressions of the designed MRA-MC-DCSK scheme over the frequency selective multipath Rayleigh fading channels. Finally, we preform various Monte-Carlo experiments to evaluate the performance of the MRA-MC-DCSK. Simulation results demonstrate the validity of the BER analysis and the benefits of the designed MRA-MC-DCSK scheme over the conventional MC-DCSK scheme.

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Bit error rate, Chaotic communication, DCSK, Frequency diversity, frequency diversity, frequency-selective fading channel, Frequency-selective fading channels, Matrix reconstruction, multi-carrier, Rayleigh channels, Receivers, Symbols


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