Transforming Conversations with AI—A Comprehensive Study of ChatGPT

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Cognitive Computation


The field of cognitive computing, conversational AI has witnessed remarkable progress, largely driven by the development of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) series, notably ChatGPT. These transformer-based models have revolutionized natural language understanding by effectively capturing context and long-range dependencies. In light of this, this paper conducts a comprehensive exploration of ChatGPT, encompassing its architectural design, training methodology, real-world applications, and future potential within the conversational AI landscape. The paper studies the ChatGPT ability for advanced control and responsiveness, exhibiting a superior capacity for comprehending language and generating precise, informative responses. The comprehensive survey depicts ChatGPT excels in sustaining context and engaging in multi-turn dialogues, thereby fostering more interactive and meaningful conversations. Furthermore, its adaptability for integration into various systems and scalability has broadened its applicability across diverse domains, including customer service, education, content generation, healthcare, gaming, research, and exploration. Additionally, the paper presents alternative conversational AI models, such as Amazon Codewhisperer, Google Bard (LaMDA), Microsoft Bing AI, DeepMind Sparrow, and Character AI, providing a comparative analysis that underscores ChatGPT’s advantages in terms of inference capabilities and future promise. Recognizing the evolution and profound impact of ChatGPT holds paramount significance for researchers and developers at the forefront of AI innovation. In a rapidly evolving conversational AI landscape, ChatGPT emerges as a pivotal player, capable of reshaping the way we interact with AI systems across a wide array of applications.



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Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, OpenAI

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