An Efficient Post-Quantum Multi-Signature Scheme for the Internet of Vehicles

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IEEE International Conference on Communications


Multi-signature scheme is a unique type of digital signature where a group of participants are capable of producing a signature interactively on a shared message, thus significantly reducing the signature size. This is especially important for Internet of Vehicles (IoV) systems where higher efficiency and lower costs are required during the communication. Most approaches so far, however, are developed by traditional methods such as the integer factoring assumption, which result in potential vulnerability to quantum computing attacks. Although a few lattice-based multi-signature candidates have been proposed, they either rely on hash-and-sign process with higher costs or may be compromised by larger size of public key and signature. Motivated by the Bimodal Lattice Signature Scheme (BLISS) model [1], we propose a new lattice-based multi-signature scheme (Multi-BLISS, MB) in this paper. Our scheme can also be transformed into an aggregate signature scheme (Aggregate MB, AMB) with similar level of performance. We evaluate both schemes by setting security levels of 128, 160 and 192 bits in the experiments, and the results demonstrate significant improvement on security and efficiency comparing to existing lattice-based multi-signature schemes.

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internet of vehicles, lattice-based cryptography, multi-signature, public key aggregation

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