A Three-Party Hierarchical Game for Physical Layer Security Aware Wireless Communications with Dynamic Trilateral Coalitions

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IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications


In this paper, a novel hierarchical game framework for physical layer security (PLS) aware wireless communications with dynamic trilateral coalitions is studied. In the considered system, legitimate users (LUs) aim to transmit secret data to associated base stations (BSs) via uplink communications under the threat of eavesdroppers (EVs), while there also exists jammers (JAs) which may choose to form coalitions with either LUs for increasing their secrecy transmission rates or EVs for increasing their eavesdropping rates in exchange for potential rewards. Different from the existing work, we explore such complicated while dynamic coalition relationships under uncertainties of wireless systems (e.g., time-varying channel conditions), and formulate a hierarchical game integrated with a dynamic trilateral coalition formation game to model strategic interactions among LUs, JAs and EVs. Particularly, we first analyze stability conditions of the trilateral coalitions and propose a hedonic coalition selection and formation algorithm for reaching the stable coalition partition in each time slot. On top of this, we propose a deep reinforcement learning (DRL) based solution, which can achieve the equilibrium with long-term performance guarantees for the hierarchical game running over multiple time slots with dynamic evolutions. Simulations evaluate the proposed solution and show its superiority over counterparts.



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deep reinforcement learning, dynamic triliateral coalitions, Eavesdropping, Games, hierarchical game, Jamming, Physical layer security, Resource management, Uncertainty, Vehicle dynamics, Wireless communication

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