Clustering-NN Based CFO Estimation Using Random Access Preambles for 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks

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IEEE Wireless Communications Letters


Non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) are expected to play a pivotal role in the future wireless ecosystem. Due to its high-dynamic characteristics, the accurate estimation and compensation of carrier frequency offset (CFO) are crucial for supporting 5G new radio (NR) enabled satellite direct access. With emphasis on ensuring reliable uplink synchronization, we propose a clustering-neural network based CFO estimation scheme by virtue of NR random access preambles. By leveraging the sparsity and regularity of input samples, the proposed scheme can achieve fast and precise prediction of CFOs, while establishing robustness against time uncertainty and channel variation within a satellite beam. Simulation results validate the feasibility of our scheme in various NTN scenarios, and demonstrate its superiority in terms of stable estimation performance over the existing schemes.



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carrier frequency offset estimation, Channel models, clustering, Delays, Estimation, Indexes, neural network, Non-terrestrial networks, OFDM, random access preamble, Satellite broadcasting, Uncertainty

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