Socially-Aware Green Distributed Metaverse for Wireless Systems

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings - 10th International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications, WINCOM 2023


Metaverse-empowered wireless system design is considered one of the promising candidates for the design of foreseeable future wireless systems. Therefore, in this paper, we consider energy-efficient (i.e., green) deployment of the metaverse at the network edge. We propose a framework for the deployment of the metaverse at the network edge using the concept of clustering over social networking. Then, we define a cost function that accounts for the energy consumption. We formulate an optimization problem to minimize energy consumption by optimizing clustering and resource allocation. The main problem is decomposed into two sub-problems: (a) clustering and (b) resource allocation. For both clustering and resource allocation, heuristic algorithms are proposed. Finally, we present numerical results.



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Energy consumption, Metaverse, Social networking (online), Wireless networks, Heuristic algorithms, Cost function, Numerical simulation


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