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17th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation, SemEval 2023 - Proceedings of the Workshop


We describe our system for SemEval-2022 Task 3 subtask 2 which on detecting the frames used in a news article in a multi-lingual setup. We propose a multi-lingual approach based on machine translation of the input, followed by an English prediction model. Our system demonstrated good zero-shot transfer capability, achieving micro-F1 scores of 53% for Greek (4th on the leaderboard) and 56.1% for Georgian (3rd on the leaderboard), without any prior training on translated data for these languages. Moreover, our system achieved comparable performance on seven other languages, including German, English, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Spanish. Our results demonstrate the feasibility of creating a language-agnostic model for automatic framing detection in online news.

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Translation (languages), Zero-shot learning, Semantics


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