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17th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation, SemEval 2023 - Proceedings of the Workshop


We describe SemEval-2023 task 3 on Detecting the Category, the Framing, and the Persuasion Techniques in Online News in a Multilingual Setup: the dataset, the task organization process, the evaluation setup, the results, and the participating systems. The task focused on news articles in nine languages (six known to the participants upfront: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian), and three additional ones revealed to the participants at the testing phase: Spanish, Greek, and Georgian). The task featured three subtasks: (1) determining the genre of the article (opinion, reporting, or satire), (2) identifying one or more frames used in an article from a pool of 14 generic frames, and (3) identify the persuasion techniques used in each paragraph of the article, using a taxonomy of 23 persuasion techniques. This was a very popular task: a total of 181 teams registered to participate, and 41 eventually made an official submission on the test set.

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Computational linguistics, News articles, Online news, Participating systems, Subtask, Test sets, Testing phase


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