A Spatial-Temporal Deformable Attention Based Framework for Breast Lesion Detection in Videos

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)


Detecting breast lesion in videos is crucial for computer-aided diagnosis. Existing video-based breast lesion detection approaches typically perform temporal feature aggregation of deep backbone features based on the self-attention operation. We argue that such a strategy struggles to effectively perform deep feature aggregation and ignores the useful local information. To tackle these issues, we propose a spatial-temporal deformable attention based framework, named STNet. Our STNet introduces a spatial-temporal deformable attention module to perform local spatial-temporal feature fusion. The spatial-temporal deformable attention module enables deep feature aggregation in each stage of both encoder and decoder. To further accelerate the detection speed, we introduce an encoder feature shuffle strategy for multi-frame prediction during inference. In our encoder feature shuffle strategy, we share the backbone and encoder features, and shuffle encoder features for decoder to generate the predictions of multiple frames. The experiments on the public breast lesion ultrasound video dataset show that our STNet obtains a state-of-the-art detection performance, while operating twice as fast inference speed. The code and model are available at https://github.com/AlfredQin/STNet.

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Breast lesion detection, Multi-frame prediction, Spatial-temporal deformable attention, Ultrasound videos

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